New Versions 3.2

The programs were translated into English and an alternative system of units was introduced. One can switch during the work between the systems of units. The alternative system of units is user-defined, i.e. arbitrary units can be used. The user is responsible thereby for the conversion definitions, because he can define it.

We use no more Dongles. The demo versions and the rented programs get themselves their licenses over the InterNet. For this reason with the temporally limited licenses an InterNet connection is needed (when starting of the programs). The bought programs are registered over InterNet. Afterwards the InterNet connection is not necessary.


The (american) manufacturer of the Dongles increased the prices again. The first increase was justified some time ago with high dollar rate. The current, with low dollar was left without reason.
We use no more Dongles. The programs can get the license from the internet.

Innovations when renting

The programs can be rented now for shorter periods. Except one yearly period the customers can rent now also month-wise. You find the fees for month-wise renting in the order form for renting.