- Evaporation of atomized liquids

When atomizing, liquids develop drops, which have different diameters. The drops evaporate in the hot gas with different speed. The evaporation of drops of one size affects the evaporation speed of the other drops. The program computes this process.
Plant designer often makes the mistake to view just the largest drops. The small drops evaporate immediately, whereby the gas temperature will be reduced. This slows down the evaporation of larger drops and the track for evaporation is longer than determined.

The gas data are entered in volume percentages of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. In addition the cross section of the apparatus makes possible the computation for the flow velocity.

The spectrum of the drop sizes can exist up to 50 classes.

The liquid can consist of water, or aqueous solution of gas. Working mediums (compressed air, saturated steam and overheated steam) are considered.

Gas data, and the drop spectrum can be stored.

The program computes the simultaneous evaporation of drops of all classes and represents the results in form of a table (time, way, temperature, speed) and as diagrams (diameters vs. time, diameter vs. way, temperature vs. time) as screen representation and on the printer.