- Combustion calculation

A comfortable combustion calculation with view of enthalpy. The fuels are entered as elementary analysis, or built up from chemical substances.

With elementary analysis the upper or lower calorific value can be entered, so that the view of enthalpy is possible. Implemented is also an estimation of the calorific value on the basis of the analysis.When building the fuel up from chemical materials the determination of the calorific value takes place automatically.

The combustion (determination of the amount of air) is very flexible and can take place according to the following criteria:

A characteristic of the program represents the possibility to arrange fuels from substances. So e.g. natural gas can be easily produced from 90 volume-% methane, 8 volume-% ethane and 2 volume-% nitrogen. Functions also with mass-%. The calorific value is computed automatically.

The fuels can be mixed to obtain a certain calorific value of the mixture.

As result the program supplies the flue gas data, which can be further processed with HS-SKLAD . When desired the adiabatic combustion temperature will be computed.