Suite "Air and flue gas"

Software for the planning of gas-technical plants

These programs are the basic equipment for designer of plants for flue gas treatment as well as other gas-technical plants.

All programs support an alternative system of units defined by the user.

Air and flue gas

Designing of plants for flue gas treatment. Computations of the facts of air and on air based gas mixtures e.g. flue gases. Operations at the gases such as cooling/heating, mixing, quenching, compressing. Various criterions.

Combustion calculation

Computation of the combustion according to flexible criteria. Mixing of fuels. Production of fuels from chemical substances. Examination of the enthalpy.

Evaporation of
atomized liquids

Computation of the evaporation of atomized water and aqueous solutions of gases in hot gas. A whole drop spectrum is regarded. Drop spectra up to 50 classes. The results are represented in diagrams.

Pressure loss computation
of gas ducts

Computes pressure course in gas technical plants, ventilation channels, flue gas lines etc. Determines Zeta values automatically. Examines several load cases. Represents the results in the form of tables and diagrams.

Here you can download the programs (5080 kB) and test 10 days long.